Video: Rutgers Coach Mike Rice Abusing Players at Practice [Update]

[Update: It was just announced that Rutgers has officially fired Mike Rice.]

With Carmelo Anthony ransacking Miami like he was Ragnar Lothrbok pillaging a helpless town, and Shaq having his moment in L.A. last night, the lunacy of what’s been going on with coach Mike Rice and the Rutgers basketball program sort of took a backseat.

It shouldn’t though, because this is wild. Remember when the video of Bob Knight “choking” Neil Reed at practice was one of the final nails in the coffin for his time at Indiana? This Mike Rice video is like that x10.

Watch this ESPN piece showing Rice’s outrageous antics at practice: pushing, shoving, throwing the ball at players’ heads, berating them them with abusive language and gay slurs – Rice does just about everything you could possibly do to get yourself fired from any job on the planet on the spot.

Except he hasn’t been fired yet, which is pretty despicable. His status is “under review,” and the school is expected to make a final decision today.

Is there any reason you can think of why Mike Rice should not be fired immediately?

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