Video: San Diego State And Tim Shelton Drop The Season’s Best College Anthem

Creating a college anthem is always fraught with missteps (taking yourself too serious/taking yourself not serious at all but no one getting the joke, etc.), yet somehow two years in a row San Diego State has avoided all all that. Yes, for the second year in a row former Aztec all-conference standout Tim Shelton‘s creation has been a derivative one — in this case, Kanye‘s “Clique.” But also, for a consecutive season, it’s the best quality of any anthem and video out there.

In this case, “55th” refers to the intersection of Montezuma and 55th in San Diego, right nearby the home of Viejas Arena and, in turn, the rowdiest student section in college basketball (with apologies to the Cameron Crazies) The Show. It’s also the home of the best program in all of California and even features a cameo from coach Steve Fisher.

Shelton talked about how the whole video, and Fisher’s cameo, came to be to the San Diego Reader last week.

We filmed at 5 different locations, the last being the basketball office with coach fisher. It was very last minute when he decided to be a part of the video. He actually saw the final product and decided after that he would be in it, and that it was phenomenal. So I called Aubry up she came within the hour, and we filmed his part in 10 minutes. We told him what to do and he nailed it in one take, while doing what he does and adding an element that only Steve Fisher can add. He was wonderful and has the most epic scene in the video.

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