Video: Steph Curry Hones His Craft In Madrid

It’s become conventional wisdom that Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter in the world. The Golden State Warriors superstar made an incredible and record-setting 533 treys over the past two seasons, connecting on 43.9 percent of his attempts in the process. The numbers are staggering, obviously, but they almost do a disservice to Curry’s heretofore unseen marksmanship. No player in the league takes more difficult three-pointers than Curry, but his efficiency remains on par with basketball’s designated, standstill snipers.

Curry’s unique ability to maintain three-point accuracy despite his onerous tries is a crazy amalgam honed through genetics and relentless training. Players can’t learn the former attribute, but the NBA recently released a video of Steph practicing on an off-day in Spain that could them match the latter.

Preparation like this is why Curry is the best shooter alive.

This tidbit from the video above is one we especially appreciate:

I want to practice to the point that it’s almost uncomfortable how fast you shoot so that in the game things kind of slow down.

And that strenuous approach is certainly paying off.

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