Steph Curry And Wife Ayesha On Kiss Cam Is What Heaven Looks Like

[mlbvideo id=”137320783″ width=”650″ height=”450″ /]

Awwwwwwwwww. This guy Steph Curry. This amazing and lovely wife of his, Ayesha Curry. That wonderful, sparkling fireball daughter, Riley Curry. This is a cuteness campaign unlike anything we’ve seen. An absolutely misty-eyed marathon of awwwwwww. When everyone thought North West had the monopoly on cute, nah, ’cause here come the Curries stuntin’ on KissCam.

Ayesha Curry’s adorably plump face at seven months pregnant is the perfect target for her loving husband, the NBA’s MVP. That’s why no one could resist seeing them on this Very Special Guest Kiss Cam at the San Francisco Giants game on Friday night.

I mean, DO YOU SEE THOSE SMILES? Obviously, the reason Steph follows a higher calling is because his life has turned into some uncanny version of heaven most of us would like to have. You get to be the best basketball player in the world and come home to that?

So are they still taking applications?