Offseason Video: Stoic John Wall “Making It Rain” & Kobe Bryant Playing Pop-A-Shot

08.26.13 6 years ago

NBA players spend their offseason doing all manner of activities as they unwind from a grueling season and prepare to do it again. John Wall, fresh off a new maximum contract, was making it ran in the club this weekend, while Kobe Bryant was trying to set the high score playing pop-a-shot.

John Wall shows the most blasé countenance in the history of professional athletes “making it rain.” He could be seen flicking bills in the air at the club Stadium in DC on Saturday night, but he doesn’t appear to be enjoying himself all that much.

Meanwhile, Kobe Bryant was doing his own version of rehab, dropping 87 points in a spirited game of pop-a-shot at an unknown arcade. We’re pretty sure that was probably the high score on the night, or else Kobe would play until he set the new high score.

[h/t FTW]

Which offseason activity is more your thing?

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