Video: The Dallas Mavericks Spoof A Super Bowl Commercial

It’s been said many times, many ways, but the Mavericks still have a championship-level video department. For its next act, Dallas spoofed a Hyundai commercial from the Super Bowl three weeks ago, turning the story of how a boy got back at a bully into a story of that boy getting back at that bully with the help of Dirk, Shawn Marion, Chris Kaman and more.

The best part? The Dallas team the kid builds isn’t the point of the ad, a sly wink on Dallas’ part. While the Mavericks are a mess this season from eight expiring contracts or team options, they’re actually set up better than almost anyone save for Atlanta for the 2013 free agency period. Maybe they’ll swing and miss again, like with Deron Williams, but don’t howl too much with the “team building” message. This year’s team has a messy foundation, but with CBA restrictions becoming extremely heavy handed on those that go into the luxury tax, Dallas is set up nicely.

What do you think?

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