Video: Watch Alec Burks Embarrass Kobe Bryant, Lakers With Sick Crossover

Kobe Bryant might still be an offensive force, but his play on the other end has quietly been a liability for the past few seasons. If the Los Angeles Lakers tasked their living legend with defending top-tier wings instead of the opponent’s worst perimeter threat, his defensive deficiencies would be common knowledge. This epic crossover by Alec Burks that left Kobe and his teammates embarrassed are further of evidence that sad reality.

Oh my. Why’d Burks have to do Mamba like that?

The Utah Jazz have been a revelation in during the preseason. If Burks can consistently make plays like this one, perhaps some of his team’s success will translate to the regular season. As for the Lakers? This might as well be a metaphor for how 2014-2015 appears primed to play out.

(GIF via r/nba user jwbt123) (Video via James Herbert)

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