Video: Watch Spurs’ Forward Matt Bonner As The World’s Worst CEO

Life after the NBA can be tough for players accustomed to the limelight. At 33 years old, San Antonio Spurs forward Matt Bonner has a few more years left in his career. Despite not being a household name (unless you’re a fan of baby carrots), Bonner will get an opportunity to view life outside the lights of the NBA as the CEO of GY&K. Bonner looks to be the CEO from hell.

Matt’s brother, Luke, also works for GY&K, and on Tuesday next week, Bonner will take over as CEO of the company while their real-life CEO attempts one of Bonner’s crazy New Hampshire-inspired offseason workouts.


Special bonus points go to Bonner’s New Hampshire slogan on the t-shirt he rocks in the opening.

[h/t BDL]

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