Video: Watch Wale Confront A Raptors TV Announcer

If a rap diss happens in a mid-February game between the Toronto Raptors and the Washington Wizards, did it really happen? You bet — and Wale’s confrontation with Raptors TV announcer Matt Devlin in Tuesday’s game in D.C. wasn’t even the weirdest part of a game played without a working scoreboard or shot clock.

You see, Devlin saw Rudy Gay, from Baltimore, point out Wale, the pride of D.C., after a bucket and wondered aloud who he was — pronouncing his name Wall *pause* A didn’t help — and that whoever he turned out to be, he sure wasn’t Toronto’s own, Drake. Those are fighting words.

News spreads fast via Twitter and Wale fired off a tweet that told Devlin to “watch ur mouth” before opting for a meeting in person along Verizon Center’s broadcast row. Devlin, to his credit, knew exactly what was happening and even gave his best nonchalant, “What’s up?” welcome to Wale when he saw him approach. In the video Devlin is the brown-haired guy on the right of the announcing team.

The Raptors play against Memphis next. I’m sorry to report that I have no clue whether Devlin knows about Three 6 Mafia.

[Washington Post]

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