Vince Carter Broke Down The Ways The NBA Has Changed Since He Entered The League

02.28.18 12 months ago

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Vince Carter has seen some stuff during his time in the NBA. Carter was drafted in the 1998 draft, and despite the fact that he’s played on seven different teams, he has spent each of the last 19 season being a person who plays professional basketball in the best league in the world for a living.

This has meant that Carter has seen just about everything over the course of his NBA career, especially when it comes to the way basketball has changed. He came into the league at a time where teams played a slower, more physical game, and is now around as pacing and spacing are the keys to success in the league.

But even beyond that, Carer has had a front row seat to watching some of the other ways that basketball is just different now, both from a style and rules perspective, and he broke them down in an absolutely tremendous three-minute video.

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