Vince Carter Wants Some Love

Vince Carter may realize that his time in Phoenix is pretty much up – how short it was – but he still wants to play ball. Not overseas. Not in a rec league. In the NBA. At 34 years old, Carter wants to eventually do some commentating, but for now he wants a few more years with a contender. If you’re the Mavs, the Lakers, the Thunder, the Celtics, the Heat, the Bulls, the Spurs, the Hawks, the Magic or anyone else who wins a decent number of games, would you sign him? The big thing with VC is, most teams would welcome having a vet who can still get you 20 here and there, and you know you can count on him to give you 12-15 a night off the bench. That’s a luxury in pretty much any case. But that’s assuming the vet will play hard on defense and do the little things that most sixth or seventh men do. That’s where the real question marks come into play. Carter has NEVER been asked to do that stuff during his career. Can he change now? … The first 12 players chosen for the Boost Mobile Elite 24 have been named, including Dime/2k Sports All-Americans Shabazz Muhammad, Perry Ellis, Tony Parker and three-time participant DaJuan Coleman … With the NFL nearing an agreement, players’ union president Derek Fisher admits it’s dealing no added pressure on them. Two totally different situations. In fact, Fisher says he can’t stand to see how NFL players are treated, as if they don’t know what they’re missing out on. Using the example of LaDainian Tomlinson – San Diego rode him unbelievable hard for nine seasons, milking the back for everything he was worth, and then releasing him at the first sign of slippage – Fisher reiterated no one is backing down. The players deserve a fair shake. It’s got to be a fair deal or no deal at all … 2k Sports finally released the covers for NBA 2k12 yesterday, first leaking a Michael Jordan cover that had everyone hyped again (even though it was nothing new). But just minutes later, two more covers started making the rounds and we saw what 2k had actually announced: that there will be three covers with Jordan, Magic Johnson & Larry Bird. It’s obvious the company is looking to dig into the kid in all of us…you can’t say no to history. If they keep this up though, next year you will be searching to grab all 12 covers, one for every Dream Team member. Christian Laettner covers anyone? … So now what will NBA Elite come up with to try to top it? … And the family of Lorenzen Wright is suing officials in Germantown, Tennessee. It took the cops nine full days to find the body of the former NBA player, after a 911 call had alerted them, and by that time the elements had reportedly reduced the weight of the body from 225 pounds to 57. Wright’s family is convinced if the cops had just used a computer program that would’ve allowed them to track the 911 call, they might’ve saved a life. The cops lost their internet privileges for some reason (hence why they couldn’t rely on the Internet). Hm, wonder why? … We’re out like “Otis”.

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