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02.09.10 9 years ago 78 Comments

OK, so it’s safe to say Vince Carter is back. After a terrible month of January that would’ve made bigger headlines had the Magic had been losing, Vince ran off two straight 20-point games over Super Bowl weekend, then last night he exploded on the Hornets like Shane Diesel at a cougar convention … Vince got going early, scoring seven of Orlando’s first 12 points after tip-off, but was fairly quiet the rest of the first half as the Magic got picked apart by Darren Collison (27 pts, 9 asts, 4 stls) and David West (27 pts) and gave up 70 points by halftime. The defense tightened up in the second half, though, and Vince went nuts. He finished with 48 points, six threes and zero dunks. As the Magic made up the difference and eventually grabbed the lead in the fourth quarter, Vince scored on finger rolls, and-ones, mid-range J’s, step-back threes and wide open catch-and-shoots. On one of VC’s coldest buckets, he made James Posey‘s knees buckle and his hand touch the ground before dropping a triple from the wing. In the final seconds Vince could have gone for 50, but even with the crowd egging him on, shook his head “No” and just let the clock run out … Different uniform for Emeka Okafor, same inability to handle Dwight Howard. Okafor only saw the court for nine minutes thanks to foul trouble, and Dwight ended up with 25 points, 12 boards and four blocks … At least Stan Van Gundy tried to dress nice this time, but the printed golf shirt doesn’t work when you put a jacket over it. When will the NBA do the right thing, put this man on “What Not to Wear” and give him a fighting chance? … Line of the night from Reggie Miller: “You can’t give them a Valentine’s Day love kiss and let them get an and-one!” … The last time the Lakers and Spurs met up, San Antonio won what seemed like a turnaround/statement game to signal the official “Our slow start is over” playoff push. After last night, the Spurs are back at Square One, trying to figure themselves out. Even with Kobe (ankle) and Andrew Bynum (hip) sitting out — L.A.’s trainers are encouraging Kobe to rest through the All-Star break — the Spurs could never take advantage and lost a game they really should have won … Pau Gasol got all the touches he could ask for (8-20 FG, 5-5 FT) and finished with 21 points, 19 boards, eight dimes and five blocks. Do you think a team with Gasol as the No. 1 guy could be a contender in the League? … You could tell Shannon Brown was trying to fill Kobe’s role, but it didn’t quite work out for him. On his first touch Brown (8 pts, 3-13 FG) missed a layup, then later he lost his man on a pump-fake but airballed a jumper … There are understatements, and then there’s this line from Craig Sager: “Wilt Chamberlain, um, perhaps one of the greatest of all-time.” Yes, we’d go out on a limb and say Wilt might have been one of the best to ever do it. Maybe … Before the Mavs and Warriors tipped off in the Bay, one of G-State’s announcers said, “When it comes down to the fourth quarter, somehow Dallas gets a little spooked when they’re in Golden State.” For a while it looked like it wasn’t even going to come down to that, as Monta Ellis (27 pts, 4 stls) and Stephen Curry (25 pts, 9 asts) caught Dallas napping and went up double digits in the first quarter. But in the fourth, the Mavs dominated behind Jason Terry (36 pts, 6 threes, 9 asts) and Drew Gooden (24 pts, 10 rebs) and pulled out a win … When the Bucks were at MSG to play the Knicks recently, we got up with Jodie Meeks and Hakim Warrick to talk about why their former schools (Kentucky and Syracuse) are going to win the national championship. Come back to later this morning to hear both guys in the debate … And you know with All-Star coming up, we’re going to be all over everything in Dallas. Not just on this site, but on Twitter and Facebook as well. Starting on Thursday, Dime will be All-Star central … People can be so stupid. The latest Super Bowl fallout is this story about Peyton Manning walking off the field without shaking hands with Drew Brees, a reminder of the overblown LeBron/Orlando story. So again we ask, who exactly is Manning supposed to shake hands with to make everything OK? If he shook hands with Tracy Porter or one of New Orleans’ linebackers but not Brees, would this still be an issue? What if he shook hands with N.O.’s defensive coordinator, or with Reggie Bush? Why does it have to be Brees? And besides, have you seen the field at the end of a Super Bowl? As soon as the clock hits zero, there’s 9,000 people on the field. And what about the other 50 players on the Colts? Did they shake an adequate amount of hands? We saw the same dumb story line with LeBron last year and it gets dumber every time … We’re out like Valentine’s Day love kisses …

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