This Sequence From Kevin Durant And Steph Curry Is Why The Warriors Are Unfair

Contributing Writer

The Warriors are admittedly far from what they hope to become this season. Even though they’re right near the top of the Western Conference with a 7-2 record, they’re still working through the continuity issues that come with introducing a high-volume superstar like Kevin Durant onto their team. Still, they have more talent than anybody in the league and that typically shines through on a nightly basis.

They’re deadly in the half-court, but the new-look Dubs might be even better during a mad scramble when their athleticism and outer-worldly ability takes over.

Take for instance, this sequence, where Kevin Durant somehow prances his gigantic frame across the court and makes up about five feet of space to block a Devin Booker dunk attempt. That’s not the end of it though, because KD slapped the attempt so hard it caromed to Steph Curry, who proceeded to jog up the court and nonchalantly nail a 30-footer in P.J. Tucker’s face.

It’s just a glimpse of the peak the Warriors hope to reach, both defensively and offensively. Everybody knows they’re capable, as a block by Durant and a long three-pointer by Curry have become standard. And now it’s just a waiting game until they start stringing sequences like this together consistently.

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