Warriors Make Trade Offer for Dwight Howard; James Harden Goes Berserk in Summer League

File this under “NO F’ing Way This Will Happen”: According to Draft Express, the Golden State Warriors have reportedly offered a package of Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh and Andris Biedrins to the Orlando Magic for Dwight Howard. It is a general rule that unless it’s a total steal, you almost never deal big for small in the NBA. It hardly, if ever, works. We would say that when you’re talking about the best big in the NBA, that rule is extra airtight. Monta Ellis is nice and all, but he’s not one of the A-List NBA guards that would be required to get the Magic to even think twice about a deal for Dwight. On top of that, Biedrins has a pretty awful contract to boot. We guess we give the Warriors a little credit for at least trying, but it seems like they were acting like the guy in your fantasy league trying to sucker the biggest dope in the field with a ridiculous trade offer just to see if he will take the bait … By the way, it won’t be long until trade rumors link Monta to every team in the league … We do expect there to be a ton more trade offers for Howard in the near future, and at least a few them will likely make the Magic pause, depending on their level of desperation to get something of value for Dwight if they think he’s definitely bouncing via free agency … It looks like James Harden‘s confidence is still at an all-time high after his emergence as an offensive force in the NBA Playoffs. Harden dropped 51 in L.A.’s legendary Drew League last night … The Washington Wizards were busy this weekend getting trying to get their roster together. They picked up their third-year option on John Wall, as well as Jordan Crawford, Trevor Booker and Kevin Seraphin. No surprises with any of those … Washington also made qualifying offers to Nick Young, Othyus Jeffers, Hamady N’diaye and Larry Owens. All four are restricted free agents, so the Wiz can match any offers they get from other teams. We have to think that some teams will think about making a run at Young right? He has yet to put it all together on the court, but the dude can clearly score at an NBA level … Pretty much the only guy who didn’t get anything from the Wiz is Yi Jianlian. Even though he’s been injury-prone and often times seems to be devoid of a pulse on the basketball court, 7-footers who can shoot don’t grown on trees. The basketball world just came off an NBA Finals where they watched another 7-footer with a wicked J shoot his team to a title. Yi and Dirk are clearly worlds apart, but Yi still has potential to be a weapon for a good team where he doesn’t have to shoulder any of the pressure … The Toronto Sun reported late on Friday night that Lawrence Frank “blew the Pistons away” when he interviewed for their head coach job. If and when Frank gets an offer from the Pistons, we’ll see just how badly he wants another head coaching gig in the NBA. The Pistons seem like a no-win situation – it will take a lot for them to be truly competitive in the near future. Frank is one of the hotter names out there, will he jump at the first offer or exercise patience, even it means being an assistant again for another season? … We’re out like Yi.

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