Why The Warriors Will Wantonly Sweep The Cavaliers Right Out Of The Finals

06.01.16 3 years ago 24 Comments
Channing Frye, Kevin Love, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson

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A lot of you aren’t going to get past that headline. That’s a shame, too. This is a formal look at the NBA Finals, but it doubles as the rationale for telling everyone in our orbit over last 24 hours that the Warriors are about to break out the brooms.

That should sound crazy after the Warriors almost lost in the Conference Finals, almost lost their MVP to an injury and almost lost their brio in the process. And the madness of that proclamation is augmented further after LeBron and the Cavs stopped messing around in Toronto and walloped their Conference Final foe in Canada to close that series out.

It’s tempting to make this Finals matchup a close call because that’s what all the fans want, too, including us.

It’s tempting, but not accurate. The Thunder vs. the Cavs might’ve been a close call. The Thunder, who most of us were rooting for before Golden State promptly sealed the their fate with a Game 6 shocker in Oklahoma City, aren’t the Warriors, though — despite how close Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Company came to knocking off the defending champs.

Before we get into why this Finals will be a sweep, Cavs fans should keep a couple things in mind as they’re firing off that missive about how bad this piece might look.

One, I predicted a Warriors sweep in the Finals last season, and told a coworker the Spurs would sweep the Thunder after they annihilated them in Game 1 of the Conference Semifinals. So, you know, I’m already well aware of my own predictive limitations.

Two, LeBron could conceivably team with Kyrie to steal Game 3 in Cleveland, thus rendering a sweep impossible. It’s actually better than conceivable, the Cavs just play better at home, like most NBA teams, but I hate wishy-washy prognostications, and auguring a sweep just feels right. Plus, y’all are here now, aren’t you, and now I get to explain why it’s not all that hard to arrive at a similar assessment yourselves.

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