Was Rajon Rondo’s Clothesline Of Dwyane Wade A Dirty Foul?

Rajon Rondo can thank Dwyane Wade‘s kids. They stopped what could’ve resulted in an ugly confrontation. In the closing seconds of Miami’s big win over Boston last night, Rondo – frustrated over the loss, and a technical he received earlier after failing to get a call on an obvious hooking foul by Wade – clotheslined Miami’s star guard on a drive.

Wade later said he almost went after Rondo, but remembered his kids were in the stands, and he didn’t want to embarrass them. He also called it a punk play, and LeBron James agreed. The King was sidelined with leg cramps, but watched from the locker room and didn’t think Rondo’s defensive move was a basketball play.

Is Rondo a dirty player? It’s hard to say, especially after this. But you can argue Wade would know one when he sees one. He’s the guy who pulled down Rondo during the 2011 Playoffs, causing the Celtics point guard to dislocate his elbow. He’s also the guy who broke Kobe‘s nose during the All-Star Game, took out Darren Collison in last year’s playoffs like he was a wideout coming across the middle, and decked Rip Hamilton in a late regular season game last season.

Was this a dirty play?

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