Washington Still Has The Talent To Shock The Celtics In The Eastern Conference Semis

05.05.17 10 months ago

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With Washington originally down two games to none against Boston in the Eastern Conference Semifinals, it was easy to sit here and say the Wiz were almost all but eliminated. In fact, after the Markieff Morris injury midway through Game 1, many pundits thought it would be almost impossible based on the team’s performance after he got hurt (and facing the status of potentially being out for more than just that game).

Let’s face it, the Wizards looked a shell of themselves without a stretch-four who can defend and create offense like Morris could. But, in game two, Morris came back and looked unexpectedly like himself (some may say like his brother). Unfortunately, with or without Morris, the result was much of the same on paper. Two losses in frustratingly close fashion. Even so, the Wizards had more hope than the Celtics did in the previous round being down 2-0 against the Bulls.

As you look at how the first two games played out, it seems as though everything had to bounce Boston’s way. The three virtually unrepeatable events occurred: Isaiah Thomas had been incredibly aggressive on offense while not taking the beating on defense that he normally does, Washington’s offense hadn’t made the Celtics switch or rotate creating fewer mismatches and opportunities, and Scott Brooks was unable to exploit Boston like the Wizards did against Atlanta.

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