Eight Wizards Games Will Have A Sports Betting-Centric Alternate Broadcast

01.08.19 6 months ago

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The Washington Wizards are trying to claw their way back into the Eastern Conference playoff picture without John Wall, and are doing a pretty good job without their All-Star point guard, winning three of their last four.

While they’re not exactly setting the world on fire, they are looking to stay competitive and hopefully arrive in the postseason through the pack of mediocrity in the middle of the East. For NBC Sports Washington, the Wizards local television partner, they’re looking to find ways to keep fans engaged and watching Wizards games in a season that, to this point, has been a disappointment.

With sports betting apparently on the horizon in the Washington D.C. area — or at least, some restricted form of it — NBCSW has decided to tinker with a new broadcast that will cater to the sports bettor. According to The Washington Post, a new alternative broadcast will air on NBCSW Plus for eight games this season with a sports betting slant, and include various in-game prop type offers to viewers to “Predict the Game” online (for free, with a $500 winner or winners being revealed in the postgame show).

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