The Wizards Made Player Valentine’s Day Cards For The Biggest DC Hoops Fan In Your Life

The Wizards may be just 6-16 this season and suffering endless speculation about a looming Bradley Beal trade, but Washington is still making time to celebrate the season of love this year. The team took to social media on Friday to release a batch of Valentine’s Day cards for fans, featuring the punniest messages possible for each player on the roster.

Is your love the “Real Beal?” Do you “Rui-lly” love your partner? Well, the Wizards would probably argue that there’s no better way to tell them than to hand them a bright red or pink card with the face of a Wizards player and a special, personalized message to match.

The best one is very clearly the Davis Bertans card, as it’s clear the Wizards content staff had a very hard time coming up with a message that includes either “Davis” or “Bertans” or any form of either name. Instead, they used his nickname, which apparently is “Laser.” The message is that the giver is “lasered” in on their Valentine, which admittedly gives off hardly any vibe of anything having to do with Bertans.

However, the Wizards get a huge kudos for trying this, for mostly succeeding, and for being the only team in the NBA. (so far) helping to land its fans dates for Valentine’s Day. Just make sure if you go on a date, you’re cognizant of the fact that there is still a pandemic going on, of course.

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