Watch Hall Of Famer Arvydas Sabonis Bank In A Backwards Shot From Mid-Court

It’s a cruel, cruel shame that NBA fans were robbed of Arvydas Sabonis in his prime. When Sabonis finally came to the Trail Blazers, he was already dealing with severe knee issues, and couldn’t quite produce in the way that he did during his peak. That, of course, doesn’t diminish Sabonis’ accomplishments in the NBA, nor the joy he elicited when he played. Sabonis was one of the more creative passers in the league at any position. His vision was unparalleled, and he had the necessary accompanying flair to make the passes few would dare attempt. This was before the age of the point forward, so to see him make these sorts of passes at his height was even more remarkable at the time.

Seriously, just look at his highlights.

In 2011, Sabonis was enshrined in the Hall of Fame, a much-deserved recognition for the impact he had on the basketball world. With his playing days over, it’s now up to his son, Gonzaga forward Domantas Sabonis, to carry on the family’s legacy. The elder Sabonis still has some tricks up his sleeve, though. Just look at him, hanging out in the gym, sinking a backwards mid-court shot as if it were no big deal.

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