Watch The Final Michael Jordan – Kobe Bryant “Identical Plays” Video

Two summers ago, YouTube username Youssef Hannoun cobbled together a video showing the distinctive similarities in the games — and mannerisms — of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. Last summer, we showed you part 2, and yesterday Hannoun released the third and final part of the series, which again shows how much Kobe drew from MJ’s game, right down to their celebrations.

Here’s the third installment of the series:

Here’s one of our favorite parts towards the end:

Here’s Part 1:

Here’s Part 2:

Click to see how the pair even celebrates the same way after winning a title…

Like Part 2’s footage of Kobe and MJ celebrating championship wins by standing on the scorers table to salute the crowd with a fist pump…

In part 3 we also see the pair jump in the air and kick their legs while pumping a fist after a title win:

With all this video evidence, it’s sometimes hard to tell where Jordan ends and Kobe begins. For our generation, Jordan will always be the original, but for a lot of kids Kobe was — and is — their original inspiration for a love of basketball.

We used to strongly dislike the similarities, primarily because we didn’t think Kobe deserved to be in the same breath as MJ, but also because we thought he was trying too hard to actually be MJ.

Except, even Jamal Crawford agrees Kobe is this generation’s Michael Jordan. We’re no longer as quick to disagree.

What do you think?

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