Watch High-Flyer Jay Brown Dazzle In Amazing Dunk Mix

12.26.14 4 years ago

Team Flight Brothers’ Jay Brown is on course to be the latest high-flyer to blow up the dunking world in the very near future. The team over at TFB believes that 2015 will serve as Brown’s emergence just as 2014 was “Scorpion” creator Jordan Kilganon’s breakout year.

The 6-1 Brown is known for his smooth acrobatics in the air, especially when taking flight off of one-foot. Brown’s creativity and athleticism, which shines through his bounce, is simply stunning. Whether it is his artistic off-the-wall setups or his jaw-dropping hangtime and vertical, it is clear that Brown’s talent to punish the rim in beautiful fashion is ready to take the dunking world by storm.

If you checked out TBF’s “The 12 Dunks of Christmas,” in which Brown appeared twice (including the top spot), and you are a dunking fan, you might have already seen hints of Brown’s incredible hops. Now we have been given a late Christmas gift with a deeper look – shot with a breathtaking slow-motion effect – at his undeniable skills in his latest dunk session.

Team Flight Brothers are absolutely on point; Brown is a dunk phenom.

(Video TeamFlightBrothers)

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