This Ferocious High School Dunk May Have Ruined A Young Man For Life

01.18.17 2 years ago 7 Comments

High schooler Chase Hunter is only a sophomore but he can dunk like an NBA star. In a recent game, Hunter threw down one of the most vicious dunks you’ll see all year at any level on a poor opponent who made the awful decision of trying to take a charge in transition.

Hunter’s brother Jaden, a University of Georgia football commit, captured the epic dunk from the stands.

There are just so many layers to this 10-second clip. The dunk itself is ridiculous. Hunter gets way up and cocks it back on the poor kid sliding under.

It also serves as a friendly reminder to never ever try to take a charge on a dunker on the break. Best case scenario is you get dunked on and it goes the other way and you will still hear all of the “oooohhhhs” from the crowd. Worst case scenario is you must retire from the game of basketball forever out of embarrassment.

There’s also the entire bench and crowd losing their minds completely. My personal favorite is the kid in the stands next to the camera having a panic attack saying “Oh shoot! Oh shoot!” like they had just witnessed a crime (they had).

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