Watch Kevin Hart Knock Shaq’s Head With His Shoe Then Run Away

Despite an on-stage persona that can appear larger than life, comedian Kevin Hart only stands 5-4, which makes his underrated game all the more amusing. He once snuffed Kyle Lowry, but things got real yesterday when he plunked Shaq on the head with his shoe.

Here’s what Hart captioned the below video with, and his hashtag game is first rate: “I just f**ked @shaq head up with a shoe…. #ThugLife #CatchMeIfYouCan #LiSteNToTheSoundThatTheShoeMakesOnHisHead

Hart has impersonated Shaq and the entire TNT “Inside the NBA” crew, but smacking the big man on the head with your shoe is a lot different. Hopefully he’s quick enough to escape the wrath of Shaq.

Then again, at 5-4, no matter how hard Hart hits the Big Aristotle, it’s like an irritating gnat buzzing around his head.

What do you think?

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