Watch Kirpatrick McCauley Ring Bell At Top Of Backboard In Venice Beach

Earl “The Goat” Manigault and David “Skywalker” Thompson are the hoopers most notorious for being able to touch the top of the backboard. Both legends could supposedly “make change” by grabbing coins from 13-feet above the court, a surreal accomplishment that – to public knowledge, at least – no current NBA players can duplicate. It’s pretty surprising, then, how easy street-baller Kirpatrick McCauley made it look recently at Venice Beach.

More impressive? The exceedingly casual nature of “Stretch” McCauley’s leap. From the YouTube description by Dunkademics Mixes:

@VBL Ron Beals Day, Kirpatrick McCauley didn’t even have a sweat going. He didn’t jump until nobody else could reach the bell. He then, casually, put his soda down, and reached the top of the backboard on his first try!

One more look:

Is there an NBA player that could match McCauley’s jump?

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