Watch Lance Stephenson Antagonize LeBron Again…And Again

Even though Larry Bird warned him to refrain from the bush league bulls*** — like blowing in ‘Bron’s earLance Stephenson couldn’t help himself in what turned out to be a deciding Game 6 in the Eastern Conference Finals. Despite losing by 25 — it was even more of a blowout than that — the Pacers wing delighted in messing with LeBron James throughout the first half.

Sir Lancelot first got after LeBron by standing over him after he hit the floor.


Then Lance put his hand on LeBron’s face, something Jeff Van Gundy rightfully pointed out might have instigated a full-fledged scrum between the teams if ‘Bron hadn’t kept his cool — though James did walk over and have some words for Stephenson during the first stoppage in play after this one:


That wasn’t all (more coming), but LeBron and the Heat had the last laugh, blowing the Pacers out of the water in the second and third periods before taking the fourth off on their way to a dominating 117-92 win that wasn’t even that close.

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