Monster-In-The-Making: Watch Lance Stephenson Get Buckets Against the Miami Heat

There’s something sort of thrilling about watching Lance Stephenson in these NBA playoffs. Nobody – not the Heat, not Frank Vogel, not even Lance – really knows what he’s going to do when he gets the ball. Sometimes it ends up in a terrible shot or turnover, but other times, more and more, it results in something really great for the Pacers.

Born Ready came up huge for Indiana las night against the Heat, going 9-15 from the floor to finish with 20 vital points. Watch Lance’s buckets here – what might be most impressive is the strength he shows on some of these drives. It’s one thing to go through Mario Chalmers like he isn’t even there, but to bully LeBron James on drives to the hoop? He’s a monster in the making…

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