Watch The Pirouette Pass From Ricky Rubio To Nikola Pekovic

The Minnesota Timberwolves have had the worst luck the last two seasons. After Ricky Rubio‘s mop-headed arrival in the summer of 2011, Kevin Love has gone down, Nikola Pekovic has missed time and Rubio himself had surgery on his ACL and LCL in March last year. But now they’re all finally healthy, so we get performances like today’s 104-89 victory against the visiting Celtics.

Despite playing only a tiny sample of minutes together, Pekovic and Rubio are going to run a lot of pick-and-rolls in Rick Adelman‘s offense this season. Or Ricky will just spin and twirl his way into a dime, like he does below.

Ricky was 2-for-3 from deep and 5-for-9 overall with 15 points, 7 assists and 4 rebounds, but the balletic toss to Pekovic is reason number four thousand and eighty that the NBA offseason is shady. We can’t wait for the real season to finally get here. Please get here. Like, yesterday.

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