Watch Renaldo Balkman Nearly Choke A Teammate During An Altercation In The Philippines

Remember Renaldo Balkman? He was one of the failed New York Knicks first-round draft picks of the 2000s, a player who was ordinary enough that even the worst New York fans had to temper their expectations. Well now he’s playing with the Petron Blaze Boosters in the PBA, and yesterday, he got into a heated argument with just about everyone on the court.

With a close game tailspinning out of control, Balkman grew frustrated over a call and tried to take it up with three different referees. Finally, teammate Arwind Santos stepped in to try to calm him down. Instead, Balkman started going at him, grabbing his neck in a face-to-face confrontation before order was eventually restored.

We’ve seen some crazy situations go down in international games (who remembers this?). But this one is right up there.

H/T SB Nation

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