Watch Ronnie Price Get Steal, Go Behind-Back To Wes Johnson For Huge Slam

The 2014-2015 Los Angeles Lakers might not be Kobe Bryant, a crippled Steve Nash, Julius Randle, and a bunch of cast-off, re-treads after all! Well, not really. But this is still a fun highlight. In a clip emphasizing just how talented even middling NBA journeymen are, Lakers reserve point guard Ronnie Price swipes a steal and leaves a behind-the-back pass to a streaking Wes Johnson for a lengthy poster slam.


We’ve always been a fan of the 31 year-old Price – point guards with his kind of explosion are few and far between. Here’s hoping he makes the Lakers roster or manages to find another NBA home at some point this season.

As for Johnson, 2014-2015 represents a golden opportunity for him to cement his place in the league as a valuable wing reserve. He’ll never live up to the expectations that accompanied him as the fourth pick of the 2010 draft, but the 27 year-old could forge a meaningful career yet. Johnson possesses ideal length and athleticism for a perimeter player, and shot a career-high 36.9 percent from deep last season. He’s miscast as a starter for the Lakers, but could use this season as a springboard to a multi-year contract come this summer.

These are the kinds of highlights and stories Los Angeles fans will need to make interest themselves in a lost season. And while maniacal NBA fanatics like us don’t find it too difficult, it will surely a prove a far more difficult chore for the general viewing public.

(Video via NBA)

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