Watch The New ‘NBA 2K16’ Trailer Featuring Spike Lee

Just in time for the NBA Finals, the guys at 2K Sports have begun unveiling the masterplan for NBA 2K16. Stephen Curry, James Harden and Anthony Davis will appear on this year’s cover. In the past few years, 2k has partnered up with Jay-Z and Pharrell to produce or curate the soundtrack of the game. But this year, 2k will focus their efforts on the narrative within the MyCareer mode. Spike Lee will write, direct and co-produce a brand new storyline for this year’s MyCareer mode.

Spike’s decorated history with the NBA should provide a unique perspective with his storytelling in My Career mode. Lee directed two of basketball’s most cherished visual narratives with He Got Game and the Mars Blackmon Nike campaign. Not to mention his storied history as a Knicks season-ticket holder. 2k brought Lee into the fold to fuse pop-culture and basketball like never before in the 2k franchise. Without avid story telling, basketball is just five guys putting a ball in hoop. Spike’s expertise in this area could provide an intriguing element of depth to the My Career narrative.

The 2k trailer pictures Spike on the backdrop of various playground parks. In the new version of My Career, users will be able to control a player’s path to stardom through the story directed by Lee. In a press release sent to Uproxx, Lee expounded on his role in the new game:

“Partnering with legendary 2K and Visual Concepts is one of the most unique challenges I’ve had in film-making, and allows me to push the boundaries of innovative storytelling,” said Spike Lee. “My hope is fans will feel even more connected to the world of basketball in NBA 2K16.”

If you’ve ever played the MyCareer mode extensively, it tends to plateau after a few seasons of play. Hopefully Spike’s storytelling brings an added level of engagement once you’ve reached the zenith as a MyPlayer god.

NBA 2k16 is set to be released on September 29, but you can receive the game four days earlier by pre-ordering the game.

(Via 2K Games)