We Reminisce: Chicago Vs. Atlanta In The 1997 NBA Playoffs

It’s been 14 years since Atlanta and Chicago have faced off in the NBA Playoffs. But ironically, 14 years ago, they too met in the Eastern Conference Semifinals, with the Bulls running away with the homecourt advantage and a No. 1 seed before the Hawks came into Chicago and stole one of the first two games. This series is more memorable for the way the Bulls crushed Atlanta through the final three nights, and for Michael Jordan‘s facial on Dikembe Mutombo. But through two-and-a-half games, Atlanta was arguably the better team. Check out their Game 2 upset:

Atlanta barely lost Game 1, and then went out and controlled the second game in Chicago. Through two games, Mookie Blaylock was averaging over 28 points a game and Atlanta had succeeded in turning the Bulls into a two-man team. Then in Game 3, Atlanta went up 10 and had the champs seemingly on the ropes. But order was eventually restored.

So what can we take from this? Nothing really. It’s still fun to watch though.

What happens in Chicago tonight?

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