We Reminisce: Duke v. North Carolina

02.11.09 10 years ago 14 Comments

Real talk, I don’t like either squad. I am a fan of many players that have played at these schools. Guys like Vince Carter, Rashad McCants, Jay Williams, and Carlos Boozer all were favorites of mine. My thing with the both of these programs is that they just keep reloading! I am a Syracuse fan and while their recruiting classes are never shabby…they’re never like Duke and UNC.

BUT I will say I make sure I never miss a Duke/UNC game. Lol. I really look forward to when they play. I know people say Red Sox/Yankees or Miami/Florida State is a bigger rivalry but Duke/UNC in my opinion, is a way bigger rivalry. The schools are so in proximity to one another and both programs are so storied you can’t help but to watch the game tonight.

Especially after watching this…

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