We Reminisce: The Night Tracy McGrady Dropped 62 Points

Tracy McGrady never became what he could’ve been, and for that, I’m still saddened. Along with Penny Hardaway and Grant Hill, the three of them are some headliners for the group of great players that could’ve been even better. But while he was in Orlando, T-Mac was virtually unstoppable, and in 2003 and 2004, he won two consecutive NBA scoring titles.

Check out the clips below from his 62-point night against Washington when he out-dueled yet another NBA superstar who was stopped by injuries: Gilbert Arenas. McGrady was so hot on this night that he could’ve finished with over 70: he missed nine free throws and 10 of his last 11 shots.

If McGrady had never gotten hurt, what would he have become?

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