Watch Wesley Matthews Use A PhunkeeDuck As Part Of His Injury Rehabilitation

It turns out PhunkeeDucks aren’t just for tragicomic exits following NBA Finals losses. They can also apparently come in handy when recovering from a catastrophic Achilles tendon rupture. The Dallas Mavericks’ new $70 million man Wesley Matthews has insisted that he’ll be ready for opening night, but from the looks of a recent video he posted to his Facebook page, he still has a long way to go.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun in the process. And who knows, these quasi-futuristic contraptions might also be therapeutic. We’ve never ridden one personally, because we enjoy not falling face-first on the concrete, but at a glance, it would appear that the amount of balance and ankle strength required to remain upright on one of those things could potentially be good for the healing process.

Wes even gives his old teammate in Portland some dap in the caption for the below video where he channels his inner LMA, on this turnaround from the lower block.

Shout out to the bro @aldridge_12 I’m stealing this homie!!!! #nooneonone for you lol

Sports doctors have gotten increasingly creative in tailoring workouts to players who are recovering from various injuries. When we spoke to Steph Curry last week, he described how his trainers were able to guide him through all sorts of workouts while he was going through the rehabilitation process. It’s at least one reason why he has some of the best handles in the entire league.

It’s great that Matthews is trying to stay active and in shape and keeping his lofty goals square in his sights, but even Mavs owner Mark Cuban has said that he doesn’t expect much from him this season, so there’s really no reason to force the issue.

(via Wesley Matthews)