What Happened To All The White American Players?

12.07.09 9 years ago 53 Comments

Last night, ESPN’s Outside the Lines addressed the issue of race in the NBA. The report talked about how the number of white American NBA players have decreased over the years. OTL also questioned whether the reason behind it is because of the stigma that white players aren’t athletic enough to play in the NBA.

The feature used former Notre Dame standout Kyle McAlarney as an example. Despite being one of the better guards in the Big East, McAlarney was not selected in last June’s Draft. McAlarney believes if GMs and coaches didn’t know he was white and were basing it on his stats and skills, that he would be in the NBA today rather than the Fort Wayne Mad Ants of the D-League.

ESPN also explored whether the zone defense was implemented a few years ago to even the defensive playing field for “slower” white players.

Do you think the stereotype against white players has validity to it? Would Kyle McAlarney be in the NBA if he were black?

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