Where Are You Bonzi Wells?

12.08.08 9 years ago

When I was looking at what college basketball games were on tap for tomorrow, I noticed that No. 17 Purdue was taking a trip to Ball State. This got me thinking: Where is Bonzi Wells? Back in September in a piece I titled, “Rounding Out The Lineup,” this is what I had to say about Bonzi:

Already a 10-year vet in the League, for better or worse, Bonzi Wells will get you buckets and contribute off the bench. After a brief stint where he was relegated to an exercise bike with the Rockets, Wells was able to become a key contributor in Houston before he was shipped to New Orleans at the end of the season. Probably the best overall player still available on the free agent market, Wells would make a nice addition to a team teetering on the brink of the playoffs.

In my eyes, nothing has changed. Teams in need of a veteran scorer should be calling Wells before he decides to take an offer overseas. Specifically, with Artest becoming the latest Rocket sidelined by injury, Houston appears to be the perfect fit. Wells already knows the system, the Coach and would be able to play right away.

If not the Rockets, what team could use Wells on their roster?

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