Who is the NBA’s best pure scorer?

05.14.09 9 years ago 116 Comments
Carmelo Anthony (photo. Mannion)

Carmelo Anthony (photo. Mannion)

Front-running or not, Charles Barkley‘s assertion last night that Carmelo Anthony is the best “pure scorer” in the NBA undoubtedly started a few water-cooler arguments this morning.

Although everybody has their own definition of the exact term, there’s really only a dozen or so guys who even deserve consideration: Pierce, LeBron, Dirk, Carmelo, Granger, Kobe, D-Wade, Durant, Joe Johnson, T-Mac, B-Roy, Kevin Martin, Tony Parker and Arenas. Assuming everyone’s healthy, of course.

Is ‘Melo on top of that list? If not, where does he rank in the Top 10? Discuss …

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