Whose Highlight Tape Is Better? Kobe vs. LeBron

Any debate comparing Kobe Bryant or LeBron James will incite debate — apparently even so far as to warrant a new Jamie Foxx vehicle called “All-Star Weekend.” But we digress. Recently we stumbled upon two, stop-what-you’re-doing highlight tapes cut by different people who had the same idea: put the same epic song behind slowed-down highlights between two of the NBA’s best players.

So it’s simple, really: In a debate that’s almost always argued over over the players’ style of play, we wanted to throw it out there: Whose highlight tape is better, more epic, worthy of a repeat viewing? It’s a level playing field, with the style of video and even background music that sounds straight out of “Gladiator.” LeBron’s clips are only from last season, while Kobe’s span a longer period of time, going back to when the Sonics were in Seattle. Who did it best?

What do you think?

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