Why LeBron James and Dwyane Wade Shouldn’t Play Together

11.13.09 9 years ago 33 Comments

Think about LeBron James and Dwyane Wade on the same squad, forming what could possibly the most talented duo in NBA. Better yet, imagine them playing for the Knicks together or the soon-to-be Brooklyn Nets. It would be a marketing jackpot. Picture them running the break together, taking turns throwing lobs to each other. It’s good to dream, but does it make any sense?

As of late, there has been a lot of talk about these two joining forces next year, and there will continue to be talk from now until July. James is clearly sick of talking about it, he told the media yesterday that he will no longer answer questions about him and D-Wade playing together. Wade, on the other hand, admitted the two have talked about it but also indicated that the pipe dream is a “long shot.”

Miami has the cap room to sign both guys to max deals. New York can’t max out two guys, but James has stated in the past that money is not the top factor and would consider taking a pay cut to be with a winner. But even if it’s possible financially, it could be a bad move for both of them. Trying to stack talent or buying championships doesn’t always work. Remember when Karl Malone andGary Payton jumped on the Lakers train? Remember how that turned out?

As we learned from Kobe and Shaq, there isn’t always room for two franchise players on one team. Egos are too big and legacy’s are at stake. Although LeBron is not selfish, I don’t think it could be a Pippen and Jordan situation, I can’t imagine either playing second fiddle to each other. It would make one of them less marketable if they went from being the man to a sidekick. I know each would want to be the face of the franchise and each would want to create their own legacy.

A lot of people might argue that they worked well together while they were Olympic teammates and LeBron would sacrifice points and be more of the point guard, while Wade would be more of the primary scorer. Wade and LeBron each require having the ball in their hands the majority of the game, whether it is to create their own shots or drive and kick for their teammates. Plus, I feel they are basically the same position and there aren’t too many high scoring go-to wings who can compliment each other’s games.

LeBron and Amar’e teaming up could work, so could Wade and Chris Bosh. I could even see LeBron and Joe Johnson possibly playing together. But two superstars that are considered brands like LeBron and Wade? No chance.

What do you think? Should Wade and LeBron play together?

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