Why Tim Duncan Is The Greatest NBA Villain Of Our Time

05.13.16 2 years ago 14 Comments
Tim Duncan

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Who is the greatest NBA villain of our time?

Well, it depends. Is it enough to say a villain is someone who is hated? That’s an impossibly subjective arrangement. Hate is complicated.

Perhaps a better, more quantifiable definition is this: An NBA villain wrecks stuff. Anyone can kick a cameraman or rack up technical fouls; a true villain alters legacies.

So was Jordan the villain of our time? Certainly he was fierce enough: The swath of destruction he cut through the league was wide and complete, though relatively concentrated — bookended on one side by the Bad Boy Pistons, and interrupted by his first and second retirements.

But it cannot be Jordan. Jordan will forever be the hero, the Jumpman, the de facto NBA logo of young people who have no idea who Jerry West is.

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