The Nuggets’ Wilson Chandler Caught A Gigantic Fish That Doesn’t Seem Real

Getty Image

How do NBA players spend their offseason? If you’re Wilson Chandler, you apparently spend it out on the high seas doing some fishing. But the Denver Nuggets swingman doesn’t mess around with some lame trout, bass, or snappers. No, Chandler goes for the juggernaut when he gets out onto the boat, as evidenced by this enormous goliath grouper that he recently helped catch.

Golitah groupers can weigh up to 600 pounds, and that thing looks like it might exceed that weight limit. Chandler was extremely proud of his catch and displayed the humongous fish on his Instagram page.

When asked on Twitter his reaction to the catch, the Nuggets forward explained that he was literally taken off his feet.

Chandler was apparently doing the fishing for the show Chew on This and the host of the show, Captain Ben Chancey, assured those concerned on Twitter that the fish was released back into the ocean after it was caught, which is good to know considering that goliath groupers are a critically endangered species. For those still concerned, by the way, you’ll be heartened to find out that these gigantic fish were successfully bred in captivity for the first time last year.

I think Wilson Chandler may have found himself a second career after his days playing in the NBA are over.