A Fan Brawl At Wizards-Celtics Game 7 Caused A Bloody Mess In Boston

05.16.17 11 months ago

YouTube/John Kovacs

Game 7 in Boston did not go well for the Wizards as they lost 115-105 to the Celtics as Kelly Olynyk led Boston to victory with an impressive performance off the bench in the decisive final showdown. The series was chippy throughout, featuring some minor scraps and ejections, but the biggest altercation of the series wasn’t on the court.

A Wizards fan and Celtics fan got into some fisticuffs late in Game 7 as the beverages flowed and emotions ran high in the stands in TD Garden. The fight didn’t last especially long, as the Wizards fan clocked the Celtics fan that allegedly slapped him with a swift left cross and then a push that sent him down. Another Celtics fan popped in to throw a very weak punch attempt from behind before security stepped in to put a stop to the nonsense.

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