Wizards Coach Randy Wittman Has No Idea How To Handle A Whiteboard


Randy Wittman is the embattled coach of the Washington Wizards. Why is he embattled? Maybe it’s because the offense he implements for the Wizards is ugly, ineffective and wastes the considerable talent on the roster. Or maybe it’s because he can’t properly handle a whiteboard.

This was during the Wizards’ overtime win in Game 1 of their first round playoff series against Toronto, on the road. It was a big win, and even bigger considering they had to overcome a coach who took half the length of a timeout to figure out which way was up on his whiteboard. How did it take that long? It looks the same both ways!

Wittman did coach the very same Wizards to the fifth-ranked defense in the NBA in terms of Defensive Rating, so he’s doing something right. But maybe the whiteboard debacle above was why the Wizards’ last play of regulation broke down and forced John Wall into this long two-point jumper:

Still, the Wizards did manage to pull out a win despite their two young studs at guard, Wall and Bradley Beal, combining to shoot 11-41 for the game. Combine that with the fact that Washington held the Raptors to 86 points even though they played five extra minutes, and you have some positive indicators for Randy Wittman’s team going forward in this series — especially if he can get a handle on that whiteboard.

[Vine via Drew Corrigan]