Report: The Wizards Offered Bradley Beal An Extension, With ‘Amicable Discussions’ Continuing Next Week

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The biggest question in Washington right now — at least in the world of basketball — is whether Bradley Beal will stick with the Wizards long-term or become the NBA’s most intriguing trade target. Beal’s contract is up at the conclusion of the 2020-21 season, at which point he’d have just turned 28 and immediately become one of the top players on the open market.

Washington, understandably, does not want him to get to that point, as Beal is an excellent basketball player and one of the franchise’s pillars. That’s why it has been long-expected that the team would offer him a three-year contract extension when the option to do this came to fruition on Friday.

According to David Aldridge of The Athletic, that did, indeed, happen. Beal, however, is not quite prepared to sign his name on any sort of dotted line yet. All hope is not lost for Wizards fans, though, because the two sides are reportedly having “amicable discussions” regarding an extension.

Beal making an All-NBA team is a tough ask, if only because there is so much competition for the six guard spots that get doled out, but seeing as how he put forth an excellent season with John Wall mostly sidelined last year, it’s not the craziest ask in the world. No matter what, Beal is in line to get paid sometime in the future. Whether that’s by the Wizards or someone else remains to be seen.