The Raptors Survived Bradley Beal’s 43-Point Triple-Double To Win In Double Overtime

01.13.19 4 months ago

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When the Wizards were down to the Raptors 61-50 at halftime it felt like the game was already over. Washington looked horrible and at one point was down 51-28 early in the second quarter. Bradley Beal, the Wizards best healthy player, had 10 points on 14 shots. It was just that kind of day for the Wizards. All the Raptors needed to do was go into cruise control.

Then Beal happened. He came out into the second half with a fire about him. There’s taking over a game with scoring and then there’s taking over the way in which Beal did. Not only did he drop 30 points in the second half (21 in the fourth), but he added 10 assists on top of that. That ability to get others involved while keeping up his own scoring is so key for a Wizards team missing John Wall.

Then, with time running down in the fourth quarter, Kawhi Leonard dropped in a jumper to put the Raptors up three. It was the Wizards turn to answer and they managed to find Beal after completely whiffing their first attempt at a tie. Of course, he hit it, tying the game and sending it to overtime.

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