This Bulls Fan Turns Into A Hero After Taking A Spill And Saving Her Beer

Heroes. There is a shortage of them in this day and age, especially in the sports world. Who will our children look to when their supposed idols are continuously letting them down?

That’s what makes this woman a beacon of light in a dark, dreary landscape.

With time winding down, a woman near the Chicago Bulls bench was attempting to sit when tragedy nearly occurred. She lost her balance and fell to the floor, all while the camera was pointed at her and Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg. Did she fade from the challenge of holding her beer? She did not, my friends. She held that beer securely as she plopped butt-first to the hard surface.

To me, that’s not where this tale to be passed down through generations ends. There’s more to this woman.

There are mere seconds remaining in this Bulls 109-102 win against the Sacramento Kings. If arenas cut off beer sales after the third quarter, how in the world does she still have a beer this deep into the fourth quarter?

Is she an angel? Is she some sort of mythical beer goddess sent here from the heavens to give us hope of a better world somewhere out there? How can she have the balance of a gymnast and the caginess of a spy that allowed her to find this beer so far past last call?

Someday, this woman will pass on. She will be eulogized by world leaders. But whatever you do to honor her, do not pour out a cold one for her. Oh no. You hold that beer as tight as you can, then you drink it. It’s what she would have wanted.

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