Would you rather have Miller or Bibby?

12.10.07 10 years ago 19 Comments
IMAGE DESCRIPTIONBibby headed to Miami? (Photo. Steve Hill)

The Miami Sun-Sentinel‘s Ira Winderman breaks down the Miami Heat‘s current dilemma/opportunity at point guard. They clearly need a lot of help in a lot of different areas, but getting a boost at the point would be a great place to start. There are several potential trade pieces out there, with Andre Miller and Mike Bibby being the most obvious solutions. To a lesser extent, you could talk about Jason Kidd as being a potential solution, even though the Lakers, Cleveland or Dallas are the frontrunners to land him.

The Sixers and Kings are probably more than open to dealing their high-priced point guards – both on the books for this season and next – in exchange for Jason Williams and his expiring contract. Winderman spoke to a few different NBA scouts to get a feel for which point guard would be best for Miami:

To that end, two longtime scouts, one from an Atlantic Division team and one from a Central Division team, were contacted last week for their Miller/Bibby perspectives, with each requesting anonymity.

“I would probably say Miller,” the Atlantic scout said when asked about the better Heat fit. “He’s better defensively. And with Bibby and Wade, those are two guys who pretty much are scorers.

“Miller is much more of what I would call classic pure point. I’d put him on the pure point side much closer than Bibby is.”

The Central scout took an opposing view.

“I think Bibby, because I think Bibby is still a pretty good player and is a very offensive-minded player, which is what I think they need,” he said. “Miller can help Shaq score, but Shaq can’t score anymore.

“Bibby can’t play a lick of defense, so I don’t know how he’d get along with Riley. I think Andre Miller is a good player, but when Wade is not making shots, Andre couldn’t make shots, either.

Of course, there also was the “migraine” snit that Jason Kidd pulled last week with the Nets.

But Kidd is earning $19.7 million this season, is due $21 million next season, and is lobbying for a year at $13 million beyond that.

Kidd for Shaquille O’Neal? Hmm.

But getting back to the realm of reasonable speculation, the choice here would be Miller over Bibby, because it would be an easier deal to close, because Miller is ready to play now, because his contract meshes with Williams’, and because if the Heat can’t get its needed perimeter scoring from Wade, Ricky Davis and Daequan Cook, then this whole house of cards collapses anyway.

Not exactly ringing endorsements for either Miller or Bibby, but the Heat don’t really have a choice, right?

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