Gonzaga Made A Shot In The Wrong Basket Unlike Any You’ve Ever Seen

If you’ve ever played a game of H-O-R-S-E, you have tried to make this exact shot before – someone bounces the ball off the ground and it heads into the hoop. No one is ever brave enough to try it during the game, though, because it’s way too risky.

On Saturday, we got a rare look at a bounce shot in the Elite Eight matchup between Xavier and Gonzaga, leading to two points for the Musketeers.

There’s just one thing: it wasn’t anyone on Xavier that shot this ball. Instead, it was Gonzaga’s Johnathan Williams, who was unable to corral a miss by Xavier’s Trevon Bluiett and accidentally bounced the ball off the ground a little too hard. Somehow, it made its way into the basket, giving the Musketeers two points. Sure, it was super fluky, but no one from Xavier will complain about this one.

A possession later, Xavier narrowly missed out on the chance to score three points at the end of the period. JP Macura threw up a prayer from the opposite wing, and it got nothing but the bottom of the net.

Replay confirmed that Macura didn’t get it off quite in time. It was still awesome, though, and capped off a delightfully silly end to the first half for the Musketeers. As for the rest of the period, things still could have gone a lot better – Xavier went into the locker room trailing Gonzaga, 49-39.