The Pistons Let This Young Fan Watch The Game From Their Bench, And You’re Now Jealous Of A 5-Year-Old

02.29.16 3 years ago

Life is good for the Detroit Pistons right now. Thanks to a 114-101 win over the Raptors, who are trying to unseat the Cavaliers for the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference, the Pistons have now won four in a row. With about six weeks remaining in the regular season, Detroit is tied with Charlotte and Chicago for the No. 8 spot in the conference standings.

All that being said, life is even better for this young Pistons fan who got to sit between Andre Drummond and Reggie Jackson during Sunday’s game. The fan was seen speaking to Drummond late in the fourth quarter when the Pistons were up by 20 points and even got a high-five.

Of course, it’s for that reason the young boy was able to have such a rare experience. When you’re up by 20 points with under three minutes remaining, you can do pretty much whatever you want. As the announcer said on the broadcast, you have to wonder if this young fan knew exactly what was going on. Gilbert Arenas is begging the Lakers to sign him to a 10-day contract so he can sit on the bench for Kobe Bryant’s last home game later this year and this little kid got to do that for free just by being there and catching the right game.

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